Groomsmen vs Bridesmaids Dance Off

Dance Off Groomsmen & Bridesmaids

No matter how you dance at your wedding we here at Dream Limousines dance the same way we always have, one time, professional, customer service oriented, safe and reliable limousine service. Sure we have our Dance Offs too, but we win when it comes to our clients testimonials and superior limousine service. Do not wait for someone to trip over their own feet, Contact Us today for a great rate and superb Detroit limousine service.

Who do you think should win this dance off Groomsmen or Bridesmaids?

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Happy 4th Of July | Detroit Limousines Quotes

4th Of July Limousines in Detroit

Happy Fourth Of July Detroit!

We are excited to offer our limousines this 4th of July to insure that everyone gets home safe and sound while still have a good time. Contact us for a 4th Of July limousine Quoute!

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July Limousine Specials For Rochester & Detroit Metro Area

July Limousine Specials

We have great deals on our limousines this July. Check them out and Book Your Limousine Here in advance because our limousines are booking at a fast rate due to these deep discounted prices, so you can enjoy your ride without the worry of hurting your pocket!

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Detroits Number One Limousine Service

Detroits Number One LImousine Service

Thank You To All Of Our Clients

We would like to thank all of our customers who voted us number one for the best Detroit area limousine service. Thank you so much for taking your time to make us number one!

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Are You Getting Ready For The 4th Of July

4th of July limousines in Detroit metro

Get Ready For The Fourth Of July

Getting ready for the 4th of July can be crazy at times with all the planing that goes into place. When planning for your fourth of July party you will want to keep in mind that, if you plan on going to see the fireworks driving to and from can be, well some what crazy and who wants to spend all night dealing with the crazy 4th of July traffic? That is where Dream Limousines comes into play. We will drive you and your friends around, so that no one has to miss out on the fun or worry about having to drive or find a safe driver. We will pick you and your friends up take you out, so that you can have a great time and enjoy this fourth of July like no other!

Our drivers have all been proven to be some of the best around in the Detroit Metro area..our reviews say it all.

We wanted to create this buzz about the 4th because our limousines do book fast so you might want to consider booking them now instead of later.

What are you planning for your 4th of July?

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Justin Bieber Grand Hotel Limousine Prank

Hey if you wanna be Justin Bieber for the day or any other star. You can do that with Dream Limousines. We are here for your enjoyment, entertainment or anything else you may need & Justin if you are reading this we have no problem providing you with our star quality limousine service for the Detroit Metro Area as well as your look a-likes :). Need a Grand Hotel limousine quote? Check out our Hotel Limousine Quote page.

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Memorial Day Appreciation

2013 Memorial Day from Dream VIP Limousines Detroit

Memorial Day | Honoring Our Soldiers

It is not quite the perfect day for outside fun … Yet, friends and families are spending time together in honor of this special day as we remember those who bravely served our country through the years. Memorial Day is a reminder that our freedom is not free.

Blessings to the families of missing and fallen soldiers. May you day be filled with fond memories and love from other family members. We understand that this is NOT just any other day to you.

With heart felt appreciation …

Your extended family @ Dream Limousines, Inc.

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Limousine Burnout Video

Checkout This Limo Burnout

We thought that this would be a good share to show you that even us limo guys like to have fun when the opportunity knocks. Now this is a little extreme as far as fun goes but thought that we would enjoy it without using one of our own limousines lol.

Visit our limousine quote page to book your limousine.

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Sending Prayer To Boston & Familes

Boston Marathon Bombing Prayer

We wanted to take time out to send prayer to the families and victims of the Boston Bombing today. It is such a tragedy for this to happen during such a peaceful event.

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Autographed Avila Jersey For Using Our Limos

Tigers game autographed avila jersey

You can get an autographed Avila Jersey for being our customer and going to the Tigers Game today. Get out and Book Your Tigers Game Limo so you can enjoy one of our stunning limousines, signed Avila Jersey and the game!

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